Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Books for those who work alone

Despite being written for solo consultants, the book "Getting Started In Consulting" by Alan Weiss, PhD came highly recommended for anybody working at home. I don't remember where, exactly, but isn't that the beauty of RSS feed reader interfaces which completely strip away brand association with the source? Good practice tip: mention your own web site in your blog posts, once in a while. It's not egotistic, just a practical way to introduce people to yourself, or, for you more profound bloggers, to remind them whose work they're feeding on.

End rant. Resume selfless book promo. I say that anybody who works alone for even a few hours per week will save a lot more time than they put into this book just by reading the first two chapters.

Image of Getting Started in Consulting, Second Edition

Tired of books which are all business? Grab this guy's ride through life so far:

Image of Always the Outsider


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