Thursday, February 21, 2008

Colours trump lorem ipsum

I've just been laughed at, in the best way possible. After a friendly real estate agent named Helen emailed me a spreadsheet of available properties, I mindlessly highlighted the properties according to my level of interest and fired it back. Her amused little chuckle at my way of being understood, followed by her intuitive understanding of what I was after, proved to me that, in retrospect, colours (and shapes, and other universal cues) trump explanatory text on a daily basis.

Yes, it's simple; and you're forgiven for wondering what manner of boredom drove me to write a blog post about it.

Even when something is spoken or written down, there are enough variations in our level of linguistic ability, accent, sentence structure and so forth to murk the waters. Yes, that's murk as an action verb, because this is post mentions linguistics. I can also tell you that my girlfriend (teehee, I said girlfriend) subconsciously chooses prepositional phrases to begin her sentences. But I have no idea how to spell scabenga.

I see something about spreadsheets up there... highlights... ah, yes! The point of this post is to share with whatever readers may stumble across this archive (as it will be, by the time this is first read) an idea. An idea that you could try next time you design a layout, a presentation, or a logo. Use colours, not lorem ipsum, to say what you mean. People might even understand you.



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