Monday, May 21, 2007

About the Floogy Blog

This blog is for people who build or run their own web based services. From time to time, it will also highlight major updates to the services delivered by Floogy.

Having focused on web hosting and custom development since 2001, Floogy is moving into the delivery of software as a subscription service. Current internal projects:
Yes, we still do custom development. Lots of it. Current external projects include:
  • Book editing software for medium-large organizations
  • Community web site for Catholic adherents
  • Streaming video platform for real estate agents
  • Store integration for fly fishing club
  • Edit-in-place web site management solution for market research group
This blog was inspired by the consistent efforts of those entertaining and informative people whose posts provide us with a fresh perspective each week. The best of these are the geeky SitePoint Blogs and the unpredictable Signal vs. Noise by those smart folk at 37 Signals.

Enjoy the posts to come!


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