Saturday, June 20, 2009

One-click phpMyAdmin via Plesk

Plesk users still clicking a half-dozen times to access phpMyAdmin, take some life back in two easy steps.

Step 1:
Get the iOpus iMacros Firefox Add-on

Launch Mozilla Firefox and head to:

Step 2: Create a Macro to do the work for you

Paste the below script and save as a new Macro. If you have a different VERSION BUILD then you probably want to leave the first line alone).

URL GOTO=https://IP_GOES_HERE:8443/login.php3?previous_page=index
TAG POS=1 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=ID:buttonid-login
URL GOTO=https://IP_GOES_HERE:8443/server/db_server_databases.php?db_server_id=1&previous_page=%2Fserver%2Fdb_server_edit.php
TAG POS=1 TYPE=SPAN ATTR=ID:spanid-webadmin

From now on you can get up and do a jumping jack instead of sitting there getting RSI. A pleasure!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A moment of realization...

"A moment of realization is worth a thousand prayers."
- Woody Harrelson, Natural Born Killers

I've just had one of those. First, take a glance at the charts in Recession hides a boon for US Dollar and then read this quote from two centuries ago:

Observing the charts in the previous post, one thing becomes obvious: Trouble did not start until the US Dollar began rocketing skyward versus other major currencies. The entire credit crunch is that distribution of property which a 10-year-old would tell you must happen when the amount on loan becomes worth more stuff before it's repaid.

This massive increase in buying power (30%+ hidden interest on your credit) is being desperately covered up by mass inflation (injections of cash), which will soon render it invisible through shelf prices. The looking glass is only clear when held up against a basket of foreign currencies.

Because the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's stated purpose is to manipulate the ebb and flow of currency, this is a very big deal indeed, amounting to theft. Unfortunately, the position which is meant to oversee them (Secretary of Treasury) has just been filled by their own former president. The same private company which is responsible for this filthy transfer of ownership sent New Zealand their very latest election winner. I smell a rat, and see evidence plain as pellets of poo...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Recession hides a boon for US Dollar

The rise and rise of the US Dollar versus major currencies around the globe, simultaneously, would be the major financial headline any other year.

One time too many, I've heard people in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and even the United Kingdom comment as a matter of fact that the US Dollar has suffered some grievous calamity at the hands of October's completely accidental market crash. Whether the truth is unreported or we're all simply avoiding those glum faces of the mainstream media, I can't be sure. But let's set the record straight, regardless!

In the suitably menacing charts below, the colourful lines are market indexes, so you can see what happened to the USD's value versus [your currency] as the drama unfurled. The blue line is the exchange value of the USD versus [your currency], and up is a stronger USD:

[US Dollar vs. Australian Dollar]
plus 3x markets for context

[US Dollar vs. British Pound]

[US Dollar vs. New Zealand Dollar]

[US Dollar vs. South African Rand]

Alongside the US health advisory to never flee to Mexico and/or cavort with swine, I would issue my own advisory to budget 30% more than last time for your next visit to the 'States. Those nice ladies at the foreign exchange desk may be considerably less appealing.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ensim to Plesk migration primer

Since Parallels bought Ensim last year (when they still called themselves SWsoft), and especially since Ensim has since reached it's EOL (end of life support and upgrades) it's about time somebody wrote a reference for web site administrators who are migrated from Ensim to Plesk. Read on for a primer containing five (5) essentials for web site admins.

1. Control Panel Login

Ensim default:

Plesk default:

Plesk's control panel Login field expects your domain name (without the 'www.') -- not your username, as you might expect.

2. FTP

Ensim's FTP usernames were entered in the full email address format ( Plesk expects only your username.

3. Databases

While Ensim allowed the same database username to access multiple databases, Plesk does not. Keep reading if you had more than one database in Ensim at time of migration.

When migrating from Ensim to Plesk, a user will have been generated for each additional database in alphabetical order. Your first database's username (i.e. dbuser) would not change, but from the next database onward, the new user would be named dbuser2, then dbuser3, and so forth.

NB: We took the pain out of this by sifting through all files which contained local database connection code, and updated the usernames for you!

4. Document Root / Full Server Paths

Ensim's full paths to your document root look like either of the below:

Plesk's full path to your document root looks like this:

Anywhere you may have used the full path reference (PHP image upload script, forum configuration, etc.) must be updated to suit.

5. Users and Mail

In Ensim, adding a user to your account created an email address and optionally an FTP account and/or a subdomain of their own. In Plesk, these are treated separately. A Mail User, a Subdomain, and a Web User (includes FTP account) are distinct entities.

Webmail, formerly accessed under, is instead at Happily, nothing need be changed in your POP3 / IMAP settings for Outlook, Thunderbird, your mobile phone, or other favourite mail client.

6. Webalizer / Statistics

Ensim default:

Plesk default:

In Summary...

Those are the most important things to know upon migration. It's not an exhaustive list because they are, after all, two separate products. Having said that, it's important that everybody know a few things up front, so please comment if I've missed any show-stoppers.

To those readers hosted by Floogy, enjoy the speedy interface of your brand new Plesk control panel.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Public service announcement

This is a public service announcement to citizens of the United States of America. You are being robbed. Your corporations -- er, news networks -- can only be trusted to muddy and obscure the fact that you are, indeed, being robbed. Wake up.

Are Bush and his cronies on a last-minute fleecing? That's where the media's blame will lie entirely after January 20, 2009, but you know better. You'll remember that Barack Hussein Obama II scurried to Washington, DC mid-campaign to vote for the original bailout with McCain and Bush, which was rejected even by Congress. That seems to say the only change you'll see from him is change on your dollar.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yahoo! Laugh it up.

Public companies are such a funny thing. We entrepreneurs could profit $180,000 then $300,000 then $250,000 while being very well fed and travelled; living our dreams.

Now, try earning that, in millions per annum, as a company listed on the gambling board. I mean, stock exchange.

Ah! You would be deemed a failure and a loser; the press would profile shareholders and anal ysts crying that their money (which they passively bet on you gobbling up more and more, like a crazed animal) has gone to the person they bet against.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

201-year-old advice on current issues

What benefit is there to building upon hundreds of years of civilization and literature if our economic advisors and politicians refuse to read and learn from other civilization's mistakes?

"Luxury, Mr Cobbett, blasting, consuming luxury, will be our ruin; and if we do not soon give an example, which has never before, I believe, been given in the world, luxury will make us fall under the overwhelming power of France, and blot us out of the list of nations.

"The great must set an example of heroic self denial, they must give up their splendid, extravagant, and senseless pomp, or the whole nation must suffer for their obstinate blindness; if taxes must be raised for the continuance of the war, they must be raised either by the total abolition of all useless places and pensions, or they must be raised from the fortune of the great exclusively, for the poor and middle ranks are already ground to powder; and if the rich have not prudence, or foresight, or virtue enough to make great sacrifices of luxury to safety, we mast all suffer together, but woe be to them who might have saved us and would not."

Cobbett's Weekly Political Register

Click the image to the right to zoom in, or load up the full version.

If you're interested in more ancient advice and insight along these lines, see the parliamentary debates when England was considering how best, if at all, to return to a resource-based economy in 1819. The parallels to today's fiscal crisis are astonishing; from large bank loans being the popular solution proposed by government, to characters not tainted by a vested interest in that loan standing up in Parliament to plead for sanity; to point out the obvious cons of an economy-based society of debt and scarcity, where labourers are punished for abundance and advances in technology.